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The Dark Knight Rises trailer, is this really the end?

TheDarkKnightRises.jpgThe new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises delivers a great feeling throughout it, until the joke at the end of course and one that's already been broken by the fact we've just seen the punch line. As it is I'd have been much happier if the trailer had stayed on the track it was going, the downbeat, disheartened and lost tone.

It does well at pointing to a rising back up from the low that the trailer clearly shows us the character is in, and you have to be intrigued by the comment of Batman when he says there's just one thing left for him to give the people of Gotham.

Is that hope? Or is that his own life? To be a true legend could mean the death of Batman, but at the same time it would mean the legend could never be destroyed. Could that be the last thing he has to give?

Its interesting to read some of what Christopher Nolan has to say about the film through the L.A. Times and think that this could be a real end to the character.

"Without getting into specifics, the key thing that makes the third film a great possibility for us is that we want to finish our story...and in viewing it as the finishing of a story rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story ... unlike the comics, these things dont go on forever in film and viewing it as a story with an end is useful."

There are a lot of comments in that article that would suggest an end rather than a handing over to the next team or the next Batman, and considering that the character of Bane has done some terrible things to Batman in the comics, some story ending things in reality, this could be a very final end for our Batman, after all Bruce Wayne is a man and weve seen Bruce Wayne killed in the comic books, dying as he tries to save what he stands for.

This could be the end of The Dark Knight Rises, it could be the end of this Bruce Wayne as Batman, but as the comic books have stated its not the end of the Legend, its the beginning.

The new trailer is really strong, I do love it and the build up for The Dark Knight Rises is getting almost too much to bear, this has got to be the biggest film of the summer, hasn't it?

Mind you I wasn't sold on the light hearted moment at the end of the trailer, did it really need that after the excellent tone of the rest of it? When it did deliver the punch line is something we've just seen a couple of shots before. It felt Hollywood and there was no need for it.

Anyway, here's the excellent trailer for The Dark Knight Rises through TrailerAddict:

What do you think? How final is the end going to be?



I love to think that Nolan could kill his Batman in this movie because:

1- It makes me care more for the character knowing he's not invincible.
2- If he dies, its a definitive end for Bruce Wayne so they will have to separate themselves from this trilogy if they hire someone to expand the universe post-Nolan. Possibly with a new character playing Batman.
3- As Nolan said, it gives them liberty to make the movie they want without having to worry about leaving open for a sequel.

I don't get why you dislike the joke at the end so much, I think it goes to show that the movie won't be 2 hours and a half of broken Batman and brooding about the end of Gotham lol Yes it breaks away from the rest of the trailer but I think that was the goal here.

I just didn't think it fitted with the rest of the trailer or where the films have been going. It just didn't work for me.

I do think they'll kill him off, it just makes sense for all the reasons you've said, plus it helps with the whole myth of Batman in that he is a man not a super-person.

Exactly! As said in the first film "You can kill a man but if a man becomes an icon, an ideal... He's immortal." Or something along those lines.

By the way, I meant to ask you about the recent interview with Marion Cotillard where she said outright she wasn't playing Talia Al Ghul in TDKR. I've seen many people claiming that she was lying but I was never a believer in that theory so I really take this as a "stop going overboard with the rumours people!". And yes, I've seen the set photos.

Do you think she lied? I mean, I don't remember many actors lying outright just to hide a movie's plot points... Usually they'll only omit to comment... I was arguing with a friend because he was using the argument that Ridley Scott lied when he said Prometheus wasn't a prequel to Alien, to which I responded that it is, in fact, not really a sequel to Alien. (I've read that since the rewrites, it's become a separate story and takes liberties with the canon while it's still taking place in the same universe but using it's own mythology while retaining the "Alien DNA". To put it shortly.)


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