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And If we All Lived Together? trailer sees Fonda in French

IfWeAllLivedTogether.jpgHere's a film I'm thinking about seeing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and now looking at the trailer I'm thinking about it even more, the fact that the cast is so good including Géraldine Chaplin, Jane Fonda and Daniel Brühl is the main reason.

The film seems a nightmare for the characters involved, a group of friends for more than forty years decide to live together rather than in retirement homes.

Here's the blurb for And If we All Lived Together? (Et si on vivait tous ensemble?) but it's really the trailer you need to see:

Annie (Géraldine Chaplin), Jean (Guy Bedos), Claude (Claude Rich), Albert (Pierre Richard) and Jeanne (Jane Fonda) have been friends for more than 40 years. So when memories let them down, heart rates quicken and their families plot their future in retirement homes they decide to rebel and live all together. Their new communal lifestyle provides plenty of surprises, challenges and adventure but soon stirs up memories and hidden secrets from the past.

Now here's the trailer through TrailerAddict, and marvel at Jane Fonda speaking French as though she was born there, but it's really all about the ensemble and the situation.



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