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Anna Karenina trailer shows Wright back

AnnaKarenina.jpgJoe Wright's last film was the very good Hanna (Filmstalker review) and before that was The Last Soloist, both of which were rather surprising films for him considering he had made a name for himself with Pride & Prejudice and Atonement. More surprising was how good Hanna was and how it didn't do so well on release.

So is it any surprise then that Wright's next film is Anna Karenina, a historical story of forbidden love and with such a fantastic cast including Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Olivia Williams, Emily Watson, Matthew Macfadyen, Kelly Macdonald and Michelle Dockery.

Here's the blurb for Joe Wright's Anna Karenina which Tom Stoppard adapted from the Leo Tolstoy novel:

Set in late-19th-century Russia high-society, the aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count Vronsky.

Despite my disappointment that Wright has returned to this kind of film the fact that it comes from a Tolstoy novel adapted by Stoppard and there's such a strong cast fills me with hope and the trailer does look fantastic.

My disappointment looks short lived. Still, I'd like to see him diving into other genres again because he seems to deliver whatever genre he's in.



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