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Easy Money I and II trailers

EasyMoney.jpgEasy Money, also known as Snabba Cash, is a Swedish thriller that has been across various European countries and is about to hit a limited release in America, although none is planned as yet for the UK, and with that release a trailer arrives.

Funny thing is that in Sweden they have just finished filming Easy Money II and that's about to be released there, what are the chances of a remake before the second gains an American release?

Here's the blurb for Easy Money with some names you might recognise, director Daniel Espinosa and starring Joel Kinnaman:

Directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), Easy Money is a Swedish crime thriller based on the international best-selling novel Snabba Cash by Jens Lapidus. Lower-class business student JW (Joel Kinnaman from AMC's 'The Killing') falls in love with a sexy heiress while living a double life mingling with Stockholm's wealthy elite. To keep up the facade of his lifestyle, he's lured into a world of crime. Jorge is a petty fugitive on the run from both the police and Serbian mafia. He hopes that brokering a massive cocaine deal will allow him to escape for good. Mafia enforcer Mrado is on the hunt for Jorge, but his efforts are complicated when he's unexpectedly saddled with caring for his young daughter. As JW's journey ventures deeper into the dark world of organized crime, the fate of all three men becomes entangled and ends with a dramatic struggle for life and death.

Now the trailer for the first Easy Money which comes through First Showing and can be seen on Apple Trailers:

It does look good, and I love a good European thriller. It's done so well that the Swedish have made another one, and I think there's talk of a third. Thankfully there's a trailer for the second film too which looks even stronger than the first.

Here's the trailer for Easy Money II or Snabba Cash II which comes from director Babak Najafi.

Easy Money was based on the novel by Jens Lapidus and adapted by Maria Karlsson along with Hassan Loo Sattarvandi and Fredrik Wikström writing whereas the sequel has Wikström and Najafi as writers and Karlsson writing the screenplay along with Peter Birro.

They both look interesting, now let's see a UK release.



I'm surprised it's not out in the UK. Well, not entirely true. I'm surprised it's in the US before the UK - would've thought it the other way around. I just got to know about this movie now, listening to Lapidus be interviewed with the bookreportradio show, him brandishing his book Easy Money. Also, I haven't really seen any mention made of the sequel on paper. Looks like an epically captivating movie, can't wait.


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