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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day One

EIFF.pngWell the Festival had kicked off for the press already and as I sit and reflect on my first day I'm enjoying a morning coffee to kick start the second.

Looking at the Programme this year I did find it rather focussed in specific areas and it's perhaps this year sees my lowest number of films I'm trying to see in one festival.

That doesn't mean the level or quality of films has dipped from last year, but there's definitely less that grabs my attention.

Day one began badly for me. I left the house and was heading into the Point Hotel on the bus, the usual location of the press office when I suddenly realised I hadn't checked if it was still located there, I'd just assumed. A quick internet check revealed no address on the site, not even in the press area and because the videotheque was mentioned as being in the Filmhouse I started to get concerned.

That altered my suspicion although not as much as appearing at the Point Hotel to find it furnished as...the Point Hotel and not anything to do with the EIFF.

The friendly staff at the Filmhouse saved my day and I headed off to the Traverse only to bump into @rosstmiller so we headed in to get my pass and my welcome pack.

The tension grew while I watched the staff run around unable to find my pass, or anyone's that started with a letter before G. That's okay though, they could reprint it straight away it seemed, just as they discovered the missing passes.

Collecting my goodie bag, which includes two bottles of Innus and Gunn beer and a blipfoto membership, we headed to the Filmhouse for the only screening of the day, Killer Joe (Filmstalker Review).

Since we were told quite pointedly that the screen wasn't open yet and didn't look like we were going to get to queue we headed back downstairs for a chat in the Filmhouse cafe. A nice chat about some films and some healthy differences of opinion, Prometheus (Filmstalker review) being one, we headed up for the screening.

Heading to a seat we caught @El_Duderino81 on the other side of the cinema, it is a big cinema and he seemed a long way off, and settled down for a rather unsettling but good film.

It was about five minutes in that I remembered about my coat, the one downstairs, alone in the coffee shop with my house keys in it. Testament to Killer Joe I stayed in the film, and testament to the good nature of the Filmhouse visitors my jacket remained in the same seat untouched.

Home and to work for the afternoon, that's real work, the one that pays for my life.

Now down to the start of day two. Let's hope it's less panicked!

Day One Quick Reviews:
Killer Joe (Filmstalker Review): Four Stars

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