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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day Five

EIFF.pngAfter a few days feeling rotten, a weekend of sport and DIY, then a day back at work it was time to revisit the Film Festival with three films.

The first stop of the day was a three hour ten minute foreign drama which had me slightly worried, then a horror film that had a well known horror film site as a producer, and then my choice from the videotheque and the films that were allowed to be digitised.

Busy day then and the weather seemed as though it was going to be good.

Mind you what does it matter if you're sitting in a cinema all day? It's only now, as I head home on the bus that the rain has started.

First up was Blood of My Blood (Sangue do Meu Sangue), a Portuguese drama about a family trying to survive. It ran for three hours and there were only four of us there, including the EIFF staffer. As woodo77 said to me on Twitter, that either means it's a hidden gem or a stinker.

Exactly what I thought but the outcome was very different, it was somewhere in between and turned out to be quite good although it needed a shorter edit. The cinematography and direction was particularly strong.

Then, after trying to deal with my credit card company who had identified that someone had copied my card and was using it in America and Canada - sorry scammers it's going to be pretty obvious who copied it although I do hope personal injury visits you before then - big shout to Tesco Bank for dealing with it so quickly and helpfully.

After a sandwich sitting in the lovely Cameo screen one the second film was V/H/S, a horror film that consisted of a number of horror shorts all brought together in one film. The theme, they've all been recorded onto videotapes from hand held footage - quick, silence the convaluted moments alarm. Actually don't silence it, it will ring for good reason. There was one segment which really showed promise and some superb effects, the rest were cliche filled and not that exciting. A bit of a disappointment really.

After that a quick coffee in the Cameo bar and it was off to the Videotheque to see one of the films that I've missed from being off. The Imposter and The Invader still haven't been digitised and don't look like they will be so it was Flying Blind, a thriller shot in Bristol. I rather liked the slow paced and gentle, personal thriller which was well shot with a strong performance from Helen McCrory who was also rather sexy too.

So here are the quick reviews:

Day Five: Quick Reviews:
Blood of My Blood (Sangue do Meu Sangue): Three Stars
V/H/S: Two Stars
Flying Blind: Four Stars

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