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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day Six

EIFF.pngDay Six and feeling surprisingly good considering a lack of sleep trying to do everything but festival reviews.

Today's a three film day starting later this morning rather than hitting a film at nine which means getting up way early and hitting all the commuting traffic and fellow bus users.

Plus it means coffee and breakfast at home with no need to eat and drink while walking fast to another cinema. That and I needed to do some accounts work, especially with the current news.

First up for the day was negotiating the journey to the cinema. After listening to the shocking conversation from the young lady on her mobile to her cheating boyfriend while on the bus and being scared out of my wits by the truck blasting it's air horn right next to me as a cyclist ignores a red light by mounting the pavement, turning left, and then dismounting dropping onto the road right in front of it. Surprised he didn't die, his own fault mind you.

Right, films. First was Shadow Dancer with Clive Owen and the wonderful Andrea Riseborough. It was a good thriller that delivered a strong story without taking sides or doing any black and white portrayals of the IRA or British security forces.

Next was a race to see Berberian Sound Studio. That was a big disappointment with the story not turning out like the blurb had suggested. The first half was interesting and quirky, then we began to feel a slightly dreamlike effect as the sound editor believed he wa becoming part of the film, then...well no one seems to know where it went from there.

Brake was last today after I nipped into Greggs for a cold cheese pasty. I'd been warned it was rubbish, the film not the pasty, but I remained hopeful.

It turned out to be an okay thriller, far too reminiscent of Buried although it would be hard not to be considering the plot, and I got quite into it. That said the ending is a bit poor especially if you've seen the far too revealing trailer.

Day Six: Quick Reviews:
Shadow Dancer: Four Stars
Berberian Sound Studio: Two Stars
Brake: Three Stars

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