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Edinburgh International Film Festival Best of the Fest announced

EIFF.pngSunday at the Edinburgh International Film Festival is the day titled "Best of the Fest". It's a simple concept really, the best of the Festival are shown again for one screening only. It says it on the...well...screen.

This year there's a lot to go and see and there are a couple of titles that were on my list to see but I just couldn't, however I did manage to see quite a few of them. So here's the Best of the Fest the tickets for which you can buy now, and you should.

Here's the list that EIFF say are the Best of the Fest and are showing this sunday:

11:00 - Brave Four Stars
11:15 - God Bless America
12:10 - Flicker Three Stars
12:20 - 7 Days in Havana
12:30 - Borrowed Time
13:15 - The Lorax
14:20 - Fred
14:30 - Day of the Flowers
14:50 - Jackpot Four Stars
16:00 - Life Just Is
16:25 - The Imposter
16:25 - Future My Love
16:45 - Grabbers Four Stars
18:15 - California Solo
18:30 - And If We All Lived Together?
18:45 - Berberian Sound Studio Two Stars
18:55 - Shadow Dancer Four Stars
20:30 - Guinea Pigs Two Stars
20:30 - Rent-a-Cat
20:45 - Dragon (Wu Xia) Four Stars
21:00 - Pusher (Filmstalker review) Four Stars

Of those that I haven't seen I'd be going to see God Bless America, And If We All Lived Together? and The Imposter, all three were on my original list but got bumped because of other screenings.

Have you seen any of these yet, or are you going to see them? What did you think?



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