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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day Seven

EIFF.pngOn the seventh day at the Edinburgh International Film Festival machine just got upset, a problem man has never faced as yet...oh wait, no one is going to get that reference unless you bought the same first single as I did. Let's move on.

The seventh day at the EIFF was a busy one with four films back to back but thankfully they were all at Cineworld so there was no walking around town back and forth between cinemas. So let's have a quick rundown of the day and see what the quick review scores are for the films that included such topics as homelessness in Britain, martial arts, volunteer patients horror and then a nice Icelandic thriller.

A stop off at Costa was called for to grab a pastry and a large Americano with hot milk. This was the second night I'd been up into the morning and I was struggling. Food and coffee so I didn't nod off during any screenings; you know it is hard to watch four films in dark cinemas between nine and five.

The first film up was N.F.A (No Fixed Abode) which was a British film about homelessness and mental health problems. It's a lower budget film but it does do well to convey some of the issues that a homeless person would face and it also goes on to look at some of the problems of mental health and all of this without being preachy or finger pointing.

Next up was Dragon (Wu Xia) and that was a rather good film that I did expect to be far more martial arts than it was. Really good opening that is replayed to great effect building the main character reveal. The film is surprisingly light in wire work and martial arts action instead concentrating on characters and the story. I enjoyed it.

Quick nip up the road to grab some lunch in a wee place called Hank's Sandwich Bar, and more coffee. That's where I discovered that a section of Edinburgh had a power cut including Cineworld, so when I returned there was a quaggle of media people hanging around waiting for the screenings to start again. Quaggle? That'll do me fine.

Guinea Pigs started off as a struggle because some press person decided to bring crisps into the screening and decided to rustle and chomp two packets over the first twenty minutes, I almost exploded with rage. Thankfully he stopped, but I can't say I was any more impressed with the film after that. I felt like I was missing key moments which would explain some plot points and character decisions that seemed rather odd, however I don't think I missed anything. It's okay, and Alex Reid was in it so I was happy.

Finally it was Black's Game (Svartur á leik) which was a rather good thriller that had some fun moments and some very dark moments too. I did start to struggle because I was so tired at this point but the film kept me going as did the main character's troubled journey.

That was it. Four films and I was done. Actually I wasn't because I had to head home and hit work for about three or four hours first. Yippee.

Day Seven: Quick Reviews:
N.F.A (No Fixed Abode): Three Stars
Dragon (Wu Xia): Four Stars
Guinea Pigs: Two Stars
Black's Game (Svartur á leik): Three Stars

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