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Fukunaga developing double IT films

It.jpgCary Fukunaga, the director of Jane Eyre and writer/director of Sin Nombre is the man who is who is going to direct the film adaptation of Stephen King's It, and he's coming on board the project not just to direct but also to co-write, and his arrival sparks another change for the project, it's not just going to be one film.

Thinking of Stephen King's work it's not often that his novels can fit nicely into a standard length film, even pushing to three hours some of his stories would be hard to fit in, and that's the case with It.

Previously the story has been adapted to that rather well liked mini-series and it managed to tell the story pretty well with an interesting cast, however the plan from Warner Bros. up until now had always been to make one film, indeed that's what the writer Chase Palmer was doing.

Palmer had previously adapted Frank Herbert's Dune for Paramount and that seems to have put him in good stead for adapting this other weighty story, however with Cary Fukunaga joining to direct it seems things have changed slightly and he's going to work with Palmer to adapt the novel and develop it into two films according to The Hollywood Reporter.

There's no real expansion on where the film will break the It story, will there be one film telling the story of the kids encountering the creature when they were young and another film to tell the story of when they discover the creature has returned in their adult years? For me that would seem the natural split, but the key there would be to make both films stand alone but as different from each other to encourage an audience to both.

The story tells of a group of children who discover a creature they call "It". It takes many forms, the most common being a strange and scary clown who entices children into its grasp. The group of kids realise what is happening and decide to fight back.

Years later they are all grown up and have forgotten all about the original incident but are all strangely affected by it, and it's only when similar events occur in their home town that they begin to remember and decide that they have to return and finish what they started.

Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are producing the film and those names are positives to have on the project. This doesn't sound like it's going to be an idea to have two films only to be dropped by the wayside - think The Stand and The Dark Tower - and with Fukunaga now the man to direct both films I think we could have something special, and finally it could be the start of a King on film revival.

At least I hope this is for we do need some decent Stephen King film adaptations to encourage studios to perhaps take a chance on films like The Stand and The Dark Tower, and not half-hearted adaptation either.



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