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Schrader's The Canyons gaining controversial cast

LindsayLohan.jpgPaul Schrader's latest film will be The Canyons, a film that comes from the mind of writer Bret Easton Ellis and is already starting to gain some cast members that are surprising to say the least.

One seems to be confirmed and while the other is rumoured, it's a very strong rumour. One is an adult film star and the other an actress whose career always seems to be in two places, on the edge of collapse and always in the tabloids.

The Canyons is a film that follows a group of twenty year olds in current day Los Angeles and is described as "Youth, galmor and sex" in the very sparse blurb we've seen so far.

It's exciting that Paul Schrader is directing and that Bret Easton Ellis is writing, the two together and the faint whiff of the blurb offer something that could be very thought provoking and uncompromising. Then there's the cast.

James Deen is currently known as an adult film star and this could be a big mainstream break for him, according to The Hollywood Reporter he's in negotiations to join the film, and while you might find that the most surprising and controversial news I don't think it is, that's left for the other rumoured star.

Lindsay Lohan is apparently also in talks, and Ellis himself tweeted about the film and apparently revealed their involvement:

"Shooting The Canyons starring James Deen and Lindsay Lohan: July 9-31 in L.A. Could not have dreamed of a better cast. Lindsay nailed it..."

I have to admit that I'm surprised Lindsay Lohan is associated with any films just now and the recent news of her involvement in the rather horrendous sounding television film Liz & Dick perhaps signalled the last ditch attempt to keep the career away from her huge personal life problems, something that doesn't seem to have quite worked.

The latest story through The Hollywood Reporter is that Lindsay Lohan was treated for exhaustion and dehydration after collapsing in her hotel room. Although Lohan tweeted about the incident afterwards and put it down to her arduous shooting schedule for the film, it is the most common of complaints that often turns into the revelation of a star being in rehab for something or other.

Frankly it wouldn't be unexpected from Lohan, although it would be nice to believe she had sorted herself out and was on the straight and narrow getting healthy and her career on track, but the warning sign is up already. This must surely make the producers of The Canyons stand up and take notice and consider the implications for her casting.

The film has just closed funding through Kickstarter and so the Producers would have to be even more careful, they couldn't have a star dropping out on them due to exhaustion in the middle of production, there wouldn't be the money available to wait or replace them, and I'm not sure they would be buying all the insurance necessary to replace a lead actor should something go wrong.

Still, let's hope it was just that and that she takes better care of herself and rejoices in the multiple second chances she gets in Hollywood and takes a hold of one of them, and what better one to grab than The Canyons?



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