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The Dark Knight Rises new trailer suggests a different story

TheDarkKnightRises.jpgA new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has appeared, and I'm not talking about the condensed television adverts that deliver more humorous feel to the film, no this is a proper trailer that delivers big scenes, huge expectation, and a lot of weight against Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Watching this trailer I'm starting to wonder if we might all be betting against Batman a little too much and perhaps there's another option, a more traditional option that we're missing in this story. Don't worry, I'll start my conjecture after the trailer with plenty of warning.

We all know what to expect from The Dark Knight Rises by now, it's the last film in the trilogy of Batman films that we'll see from the excellent Christopher Nolan and most likely the last starring the current cast of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles.

The Dark Knight Rises also stars Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Liam Neeson, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Matthew Modine and more.

Here's the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, one that has plenty of action and dread in it and, well I'll leave my analysis and conjecture till the very end shall I?

Here's the new trailer through TrailerAddict:

Well what did you think? There are a few things that caught my eye and I'm going to chat about them now, so if you don't want to enter into it I would suggest leaving now.

No, don't look and I know that reading the spoiler warning paragraph usually means that your eye catches the start or middle of the next paragraph so this is another gap to ensure that you don't.

Now you really should be gone so let me talk about my thoughts on the trailer. I had been toying with the idea that perhaps Nolan would follow the way of the recent comic book storyline and kill off Bruce Wayne, showing that there's a new person ready to step into his fortune and his costume. I think that would be a superb way to tie it up, although something else crossed my mind.

I am assuming that because we see Bane possibly defeating Batman and Bruce Wayne and since it's the last of the trilogy it would be a great ending, however when I saw some other footage there was Bruce Wayne walking with a cane and the scene felt like it would have to be a little earlier in the film as a new piece of technology we see in the trailers was just being introduced.

Perhaps Bruce Wayne aka Batman is defeated by Bane earlier in the film, perhaps he receives the injury from Bane that we see in the comic book series, after all in the trailer above the confrontation between Batman and Bane looks like it could well be in the cave. Are we going to see Bane break Wayne's back, de-mask him and leave him for dead?

Bane would then take over Gotham as Wayne fights back to health, trying to regain his spirit as well as his physical ability, and his rise is his return to the costume, the defeat of Bane and the freeing of Gotham.

I wonder if this sounds more like Nolan's story than the killing of Batman by Bane at the end of the film? What are your thoughts on the new trailer and the direction of the story?



Bale has said he would love to do a fourth Batman if Nolan was interested. That makes me think that Bat/Bruce is not killed off.

bruce wayne/batman lives on from beginning to end

Should you really be giving three chances to stop reading your words? Surely you'd want both your non-spambot visitors to read all of your convoluted ramblings?

I think we're in for a "Knightfall" inspired movie but I don't think that excludes the possibility of Batman dying at the end.

Ed, I try to be nice to the readers of the site and not spoil their viewing of films, no matter if they are nice back.

I view spammers, trolls and generally nasty people with equal disdain. However I think it is only right to make sure that I don't potentially spoil people's viewing pleasure as mine has been through other sites.

"Perhaps Bruce Wayne aka Batman is defeated by Bane earlier in the film," I've always assumed this. They're not going to show Batman's death in a movie trailer! Obviously he's defeated early in the film, goes through a lot of rehab and then confronts Bane during the climax.


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