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Unforgivable trailer sets strong thriller

Unforgivable.jpgUnforgivable or Impardonnables is a new French thriller from writer and director André Téchiné who has co-written with Mehdi Ben Attia and adapted the film from from Philippe Djian's novel, Dijan wrote the novel that Betty Blue was adapted from.

The film has just released a trailer that looks very strong, filled with questions, meaningful glances and hidden motives, and it looks really good.

Unforgivable or Impardonnables stars André Dussollier, Carole Bouquet, Mélanie Thierry and Adriana Asti and the blurb describes it all:

Francis (André Dussollier) is a successful crime writer who moves to Venice to work on his next novel. When he meets model-turned-real-estate-agent Judith (Carole Bouquet), he is instantly infatuated. Francis and Judith eventually marry and move to a remote house on Torcello Island but Francis' newfound happiness hinders his writing. Obsessing over what Judith does while at work, he hires a young ex-convict to investigate. As Judith's sexual past is revealed both men become increasing fixated on the mysterious woman. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Venice, Unforgivable examines the consequences of unresolved past relationships and their far-reaching effects into the future.

Now here's the trailer for Unforgivable through TrailerAddict which is well worth watching. I'm pretty taken by it and it looks like it's going to be a thoughtful thriller.

Another strong French thriller by the looks of it, and not the last you'll hear from French thrillers on Filmstalker today.



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