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Vaughn buys next project

MatthewVaughn.jpgI really like Matthew Vaughn, not only is he a good writer and a cracking director but he has his finger on what audiences want, oh and the most important thing while he does make studio films, and make them very well, he's not scared to raise his own funding for his own films.

So we hear about his next project where he's just raised the money to buy the rights to adapt the new thriller from Max Barry entitled Lexicon, a novel that won't be published until next year.

Matthew Vaughn has used his own money to purchase the rights and is working on the script for the film which he will direct, obviously after he's finished directing the sequel to X-Men: First Class and producing the Kick-Ass sequel .

Apparently the agents for the novelist passed across an advance copy of the novel to Vaughn who read it and decided to buy the rights. Mind you as easy as that sounds I'm sure it's the reputation of Max Barry (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) that really managed to get the book through to him and I'm sure he doesn't read everything sent through, or maybe his team don't.

The novel, according to the story in Deadline, has an interesting premise it is set in another world not unlike our own where a secret and ancient organisation have a powerful tool, their words. They can use words as weapons, to persuade people to do their will. However interesting that sounds it's rather let down by the reveal of the description that their most gifted member is also rather troubled and does something that is against the organisations rules, they fall in love.

Oh dear, I was with it until that moment and now it sounds like it's gone all teen-friendly. However the premise is there and it's strong, and I'm sure that Vaughn, and perhaps even the novelist, are taking it in a more interesting direction than the blurb we have here sounds.

The very fact that Vaughn is putting up his own money for the project does make me think that we're in for something a lot stronger than that blurb would suggest, and I'm sure Barry's novel has a lot more to it. This will be one to watch, remembering that Vaughn is developing this outside of the studios.



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