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Bond's Skyfall teaser excites

Skyfall.jpgUnfortunately we in the UK didn't get to see the Skyfall teaser trailer with the Olympic ceremony, although the appearance of Daniel Craig next to the Queen was rather fantastic to see, they did in America though and the teaser was released online to some excitement.

Quite rightly so I'd say because the teaser does look good although it doesn't reveal anything about the film other than some great action sequences and pouty, posing moments from Craig during them.

The teaser for the Sam Mendes directed Bond film Skyfall does look great and Daniel Craig has some superb Bond-esque moments while he's firing his gun or leaping through an action sequence - that closing action sequence with the train does look fantastic, and the shot of the classic Bond car does tick the box perfectly.

We do get a nice shot of Javier Bardem for a moment, even if it is a short one and made me think it was a long haired Craig-Bond for a moment, and while there isn't that much to gleam from the story what is clear is that the spirit of Bond is throughout this trailer.

Here is the teaser through TrailerAddict:



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