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Breathless trailer with Gershon, Liotta, and an unhappy Kilmer

Breathless.jpgI was reminded just how good an actress Gina Gershon is in the recent film Killer Joe, so seeing that she is the lead of Breathless and is joined by Ray Liotta and Val Kilmer had me intrigued, all good actors who have had their fare share of poor film choices. So which is this?

The idea of the film and the main plot does reminds me a lot of Killer Joe, however there are plenty of differences in the trailer and outline for the film that set it apart.

Breathless is due out on DVD and Blu-ray in August, but I'm surprised I've not heard of it before now, especially considering that cast. Here's the write- up for the film:

Lorna (Gina Gershon) is a strong-willed Texas woman who's had enough of her untrustworthy husband Dale's (Val Kilmer) criminal acts and lack of husbandry. Fed up, she enlists the help of her old friend, Tiny (Kelli Giddish), to help her figure out what to do with Dale after his latest double-cross involving the theft of $100,000 from a bank.

As the girls brainstorm for a "neat" solution, they medicate themselves with only the best of prescriptions - Tennessee whiskey - which leads them to even bigger problems. When Sheriff Cooley (Ray Liotta) inconveniently enters the conundrum, the story evolves into a tale of revenge and survival that resolves in true Texas fashion: bold and ruthless.

I'm really not sure how this film will play out, but I was surprised at how in-depth Val Kilmer's role in the film is.

Here's the trailer for Breathless through TrailerAddict:

Would you consider renting it or have you given up on some of these stars?



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