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Chinese Dangerous Liaisons adaptation trailer

ChineseDangerousLiaisons.jpgI loved the film version of Dangerous Liaisons from director Stephen Frears adapted by Christopher Hampton from his own play of the Choderlos de Laclos novel Les liaisons dangereuses, and I loved the stage version which I was drawn to after the release of the film. Now there's a new adaptation coming and its set in 1930's China.

Directed by Hur Jin-ho and starring Zhang Ziyi the film looks like it is going to be a lavish and intense adaptation, two words which suit the material perfectly. In the trailer there are some gorgeous moments and with the gorgeous and talented Ziyi in the lead it looks like it could be a must see.

Here's the blurb for the upcoming Dangerous Liaisons which is due to be released in China and Singapore on the 27th of September.

Zhang Ziyi stars in director Hur Jin-ho's lushly sensual adaptation of the classic French novel, which updates Choderlos de Laclos' devilish tale of sex, seduction and scheming to 1930s Shanghai.

Not much to it, but then the story is similar although transplanted to a more modern era. Here's the trailer for the new Dangerous Liaisons through TrailerAddict:

What do you think? It does look gorgeous doesn't it? See that moment that the tear falls down her cheek, gorgeous.



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