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Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away trailer

CirqueDuSoleilWorldsAway.jpgI had hoped that the Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away film was going to feature the company of performers who deliver enthralling stories with stunning sets and breathtaking and mesmerising live action performances in a cinematic world, bringing them to a film environment without the aid of special effects. Well, except for 3D of course.

Slightly disappointingly the trailer reveals that it's a filmed performance of their latest show, albeit filmed in 3D with the cameras allowed right into the action.

It's not that much of a disappointment since the Cirque Du Soleil are amazing to watch but I would really have loved to have seen them broken away from the confines of the stage and allowed the freedom a film could have given them. I wonder though by doing that would some of their magic have dissipated?

What we are treated to instead is a filmed stage performance with the cameras allowed right into the action, closer than the audience are allowed, and with the added 3D you'll feel like you're there, which in my mind suggests maybe you should just go and see them.

The film is written and directed by Andrew Adamson, which is a surprise that it's written by him and not in conjunction or solely by the directors of the Cirque Du Soleil themselves. I suspect though this is a crediting issue.

James Cameron is among the producers of the film, which then surprises me that the trailer features the cheapest of 3D tricks, blowing fire straight at the camera. Woo. I can't help but think that filming the amazing Cirque Du Soleil in 3D is cheapening them a little. Still, it allows them to gain access to a huge audience previously untapped.

Here's the trailer for Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away which comes through Deadline. The film is due out in November in Japan; December in the US; January in Mexico, and Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil and Australia in February. Surprisingly that's the list for the planned release so far.



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