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Compliance trailer is rather unsettling

Compliance.jpgHere's a bit of a creepy unsettling trailer for a film that appears to be, well, creepy and unsettling, and judging from the reception it received at the Sundance Film Festival that has crept into some of the reviews of the film too.

It's a good thing though as the reviews are positive and the film was bought by Magnolia Pictures and will be getting a release in August, that and the trailer gets you thinking.

While the marketing tells us that the film is based on various different true stories it does come down to the old psychological experiments and debates about people devolving all responsibility in the face of authority, and that's the basis of Compliance.

Apparently one such story it is based on can be found on Wikipedia regarding a strip search prank call however I much prefer the Milgram experiment as a comparison which the prank call is surely based on.

The story is about a fast food restaurant manager, played by Ann Dowd, who is convinced by a caller that they are the police and she must hold and interrogate her new employee, an innocent teenager, played by Dreama Walker.

Here's the trailer for Compliance which you can see over at Apple Trailers in high definition or below through YouTube and First Showing:



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