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Daredevil reboot loses director

Daredevil.jpg I was excited when we heard that Daredevil was to have a reboot and that the reboot would follow the most likely story from the comic books of the character, the Daredevil Born Again. After all the story does a great job of "rebooting" Daredevil himself within the story, and it just seems a perfect fit to create a new Daredevil, not like a reboot just to make more money and shoe-horn in new actors.

It became even more interesting when the director David Slade was attached to the project, even if he has directed one of the Twilight films the rest of his resume is rather harder edged and would make for an interesting superhero.

However the excitement has just taken a step back as news comes that David Slade won't be directing the reboot of the franchise and that puts the production in a bit of difficulty, you see the contract for Daredevil is about to run out with 20th Century Fox and if they don't get a move on and make the film the rights will revert back to Marvel Studios and Disney.

That idea might be interesting, with the power that Marvel is demonstrating over its current crop of superheroes and their films you have to think that a Daredevil in their hands would be closer to the Daredevil we should have seen from the first film Daredevil, and no I don't blame Ben Affleck.

However if Fox decide to push ahead with the production they have a film where they need a director quickly and one who will press forward with production on a timescale that David Slade couldn't agree to, mind you as the Deadline article states he is busy with the television series of Hannibal so maybe this isn't a worry so much for the production and Slade just didn't have the time.

It could be that the production could now be rushed through and we end up with a poor attempt at a Daredevil film, then again it could be that there's enough time and there's a director in the wings, after all the script is ready and this is the one that the studio want to make.

Daredevil is a Matt Murdock, a man who has hugely increased senses of his environment around him after losing his sight. He trained his other senses to astonishing levels and coupled with his gymnastic and fighting abilities he donned the costume and began fighting the criminal element of the city that he couldn't defeat during his day job, that of a lawyer.

Born Again is the comic story from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli which tells the story of the head of organised crime in the city, a man called Kingpin, who sets about dismantling everything about the life of the man behind the mask of Daredevil and leaving him a broken shell of a man. From here Murdock finds the fire to build his life up again and find the desire to fight once more.

It's a great story but the concern now is that the production has to find a new director with the focus on timescales and perhaps not so much on quality and the perfect fit. Will this mean a sub standard Daredevil or will they manage to pull someone out of the hat that will do him and the story justice?



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