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Jack Reacher trailer Cruises in

JackReacher.jpgJack Reacher, a novel by Lee Child, adapted for the screen by Christopher McQuarrie and also directed by him for his second feature directing credit after The Way of the Gun, which stars Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins and David Oyelowo.

Originally the trailer was only available in Russian, something that seemed rather an odd choice from the marketing team, however by the end of the day it's arrived in an English version.

The line-up behind the camera is excellent, I'm excited for the fact that Christopher McQuarrie is writing and I'm intrigued that he's directing. More so is the cast with some strong names in there and, of course, the lead of Tom Cruise in another action film.

Yes, we know, move on. This is Filmstalker not Creepy-Invasive-Personal-Life-Exposed-Stalker. This is about the film, the performance, what we see on screen. What happens off screen in their own lives should be for them to deal with; it doesn't make their films any less exciting or enjoyable.

Anyway, back to Jack Reacher. Reading the Wikipedia entry for the character he's described as a an almost stereotypical action figure - brought up through the military, a very competent all round fighter who can be very violent when needed and is calculating and intelligent, now a drifter who says next to nothing and lives hand to mouth.

Here's a blurb for the film:

When a gunman takes five lives with six shots, all evidence points to the suspect in custody. On interrogation, the suspect offers up a single note: "Get Jack Reacher!" So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting Jack Reacher against an unexpected enemy, with a skill for violence and a secret to keep.

Watching the trailer for Jack Reacher from Yahoo Movies is a similar experience although I find it hard to think of anyone other than Ethan Hunt, especially with that opening music, let's see what you think.

Definitely serious shades of Mission: Impossible in that tune and throughout the film. I do like the style though told through the warnings of the hospitalised guy and the big fight at the end. It might remind us of Mission: Impossible but there are no fancy gadgets, effects or stunt coordinators, just a muscle car and some dirty fist fighting.

Here's the Russian trailer for Jack Reacher on DailyMotion through The Guardian just for a comparison.



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