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Jackpot (Arme Riddere) trailer for Nesbø adaptation

Jackpot.jpgA trailer for the latest Jo Nesbø adaptation has arrived and it's perfectly timed as my review from the Edinburgh International Film Festival went live last week. Following on from Headhunters (Filmstalker Review) Nesbø's latest story to be adapted to film is Jackpot and it follows a similar vein with dark comedy mixed through the thriller.

While I don't think it's as slick as Headhunters, Jackpot is still a really good film and well worth going to see. So here's a trailer and a quick summary of the review and the plot.

Jackpot (Filmstalker review) tells the story of a man who runs a Christmas tree factory that hires ex-offenders whom he tries to befriend and help out in life. He enters into a betting syndicate with some of his employees, a syndicate that could mean a lot of money if they win. However when they do there's a stark realisation of just who he is dealing with and how strong their greed is, especially when he awakes in a strip joint filled with dead bodies, police and a loaded shotgun in hand.

Here's the summary of the review I wrote for the film:

Jackpot is a good thriller that carries a lot of dark humour and a film that has more humour and darkness than you might have expected from the other recent Jo Nesbø adaptation of Headhunters (Filmstalker Review). It may not pack as many twists and turns as Headhunters but Jackpot is still an enjoyable thriller and the additional level of dark humour suits it well.

It's a well structured thriller that doesn't deliver huge thuds of twists but rather decent turns, some expected, but still all enjoyable and amusing viewing, as long as you like your humour darker than the average film. Think comedic moments with a Christmas Tree making machine and body parts and you're on the right track.

Great characters, strong writing and film-making deliver a good thriller, it may not be what you're expecting from a Nesbø adaptation but it is worth watching.

I did enjoy it although I was hoping for more of Headhunters I'm actually glad it didn't follow that path and went its own way.

Here's a trailer for Jackpot (Filmstalker review) which comes through TrailerAddict, this sets the story up well and gives you an idea of the confusion and problems our lead character is going to be facing.



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