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Schrader-Ellis film The Canyons gains something called a trailer

LindsayLohan.jpgI was rather excited to hear that there was a trailer for The Canyons, after all with Bret Easton Ellis writing the script, Paul Schrader directing, funding through Kickstarter all secured and word that adult film star James Deen will be starring along with Lindsay Lohan who is on her umpteenth last chance, it was capturing some strong attention.

However the trailer is far from anything you could even claim to be a teaser and is rather surprising to be honest.

Considering the names involved behind the camera and the keyboard I was really keen to see something from the film and I leapt at the idea that this could be the first tease of the film. It's a tease alright, but we don't get much.

This is more of a marketing piece than anything else, giving us the writer and director in bold titles and then some social media marketing connections while we watch images of Los Angeles and listen to, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the song "Coming Down" from the Dum Dum Girls.

The Canyons isn't due until next year and I don't think has even started filming since the funding has just been secured so I wasn't sure what I should be expecting, but I didn't really expect this.

Here is the marketing piece for The Canyons, and I did question whether I would even mention it but there's a nice tone to it that suggests how the film might feel and it is worth getting some publicity out there for it as well as pointing out how poor it is to release something like this.

Wow. That sells us nothing but some buildings and a tune.



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