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The Dinosaur Project, Jurassic Park found footage horror

TheDinosaurProject.jpgI must admit as I caught the title of this I had a second thought about pressing play, I wasn't really sure if this was going to be anything more than a low budget cheesy found footage film. I can admit now I look totally wrong and the trailer for The Dinosaur Project looks like a new version of Jurassic Park, an adult reality version with the found footage label slapped all over it.

There's not much to the blurb for the film, it's a one-liner about an ill fated expedition in the Congo and the lost, previously unseen footage from that journey.

The Dinosaur Project does sound, and look like, a Jurassic Park for adults where things didn't quite work out as well and the dinosaurs weren't quite as friendly, and by the looks of it the dinosaurs in this film are going to make Jurassic Park's look like pets.

There was the obvious concern going in about the quality of the CG and perhaps they were going to hide the dinosaurs as much as possible, but I have to admit they are looking good and we see plenty of them in the trailer. I'm beginning to wonder if this might turn out to be a lot of fun.

You may not recognise the names behind the project but once you see the trailer you might just be sold enough on the idea. Let's hope the found footage is handled properly, and from the looks of it this isn't all going to be point of view throughout.

Here's the trailer for The Dinosaur Project which comes through TrailerAddict:



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