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Twins sequel confirmed

Twins.jpgI find it hard to believe but a sequel to the comedy Twins starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito has just been confirmed by Schwarzenegger himself at the Comic-Con event for The Expendables 2.

He revealed that the film is in development and it won't just be himself and DeVito that are returning, there's another important name on the sequel too.

Ivan Reitman the original director is to direct the sequel to Twins and the good news is that they are looking for a writer now. I say good news because that potentially trashes previous rumours of the film being about triplets with the third character being Eddie Murphy, just to recreate the whole Twins storyline for the sequel.

You'll remember Twins, the story of a man who discovers he has a brother he never knew about and goes in search of him only to find they are complete opposites in every way, he's a goliath of a man who is naive and innocent while the brother is a small time crook, overweight, doesn't look after himself and lies at every opportunity to better his own situation.

The idea of the story behind the triplets scenario, the one we heard about back in March of this year, was that they would reunite the original twins and introduce another unknown brother, again different in every way from both of them, and thus recreating the original set-up and the opportunity for all those jokes and situations to be repeated.

It's the same phrase I always use to describe Hollywood sequels which aren't imaginative, more and bigger.

So it's good news from Arnold Schwarzenegger through Comic-Con and Deadline that the Twins sequel is currently looking for a writer as it means the writer has the potential to create something more than just setting up the same story again but with triplets, because that would be the cheap and half-hearted way to do a sequel.

The idea of the triplets does work for me but only if they don't just do more of the same but with three of them, and to be honest I'd just like them to revisit the film and bring something new to it, other than just a new brother.

Perhaps the original story was just a wild rumour and it won't happen, or perhaps the writer will either write that out of the story or write it in and make it fresh, or maybe we'll just get Twins with triplets.

Whatever happens with the story it is clear that Arnie is back and he's firing on all cylinders in terms of bringing his career back. The big question now is when we see Arnie in a full on action film will we take to him again, and will that have any affect on a resuscitation of his comedy career, such as it was?



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