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World War Z rewrites change...again

WorldWarZ.jpgDespite all the troubles that World War Z has faced on the way to production it made it there and it completed filming. Well it completed filming until we heard that it was heading off for some rewrites with a new writer, and that was after filming.

The man at the time was Damon Lindelof, responsible for the rewrites of Prometheus (Filmstalker review), and we all know how well that went, so it's a shock today to find out that he didn't do the rewrites, someone else did and that there are more on the way.

When we were told that Damon Lindelof was on the case of the post-filming rewrites for World War Z it would seem that it wasn't actually what happened, it was actually Drew Goddard who came onboard the project and provided the rewrites from Lindelof's ideas. Lindelof's ideas? Oh my, does that mean lot's of random questions, no answers, and huge gaping plot holes with characters running off explanations to screen? Superb.

According to the Deadline story Lindelof didn't have time to actually carry out the rewrites but developed the idea for the new ending of the film and passed them over to Goddard so that he could get on with other projects.

Goddard provided the rewrites for the ending, but this is where the story gets a little blurred for rather than using those rewrites for a new ending it seems that Paramount are looking for another writer to rewrite the rewrite.

There's no explanation of why but the article then tells us that both writers are off on other projects so "it's quite possible" that Paramount will look to another writer to "punch up the ending" and the rumour they have is that it could be Christopher McQuarrie.

The article does then point out that it's questionable whether he will be needed for a rewrite so suddenly I'm questioning the whole issue of whether there is another rewrite or not, but what we do know is this, it's rewritten and will be used at some stage to provide a new ending.

It seems that Marc Forster will be filming the rewritten scenes for the ending although that's not been scheduled yet and hopefully it will turn out okay. However there have been a lot of problems on the production and while many are saying that the source material is strong and this takes an innovative approach to the idea, all I've seen filming have been zombie apocalypse scenes which aren't that innovative and don't reflect the book.

The book envisions a documentary style flashback film, talking heads explaining their part in and their experience of a zombie outbreak that almost overruns the world. You would imagine that between the talking heads would be cuts to archive news footage, people's own footage and visits to locations in the interviewees' stories after the fact, not seeing the interviewer in amongst the live action outbreak.

I really do hope that this rewrite and reshoot of the ending is for the best and that the World War Z film is going to turn out just fine with the correct creative choices made for the move to film, but I can't help but be concerned. No, I shan't mention the ending of Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review).



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