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Berberian Sound Studio trailer sounds better than it is

BerberianSoundStudio.jpgBerberian Sound Studio sounds an interesting film, both on paper and when you're watching the unusual and fragmented trailer however when it comes to the film itself it doesn't hold together as the film itself starts to lose hold of its own reality.

The film is written and directed by Peter Strickland who last brought us Katalin Varga and stars Toby Jones as a sound engineer brought to Italy to work on a horror film which slowly tears away at his own sanity.

Berberian Sound Studio has some great moments, and ones that are better than the trailer itself, but it never felt as though the ideas it presents came through to fruition and they were all touching on ideas. It's also difficult to make any connection with the characters in the film.

It does have a lot of potential, and the trailer does look interesting, but this is a film for those who like their films "arty" more than anything. That said, there are some clever uses of audio reflected through the visuals in the film, but still. I'll have a review up in the next week which will tell you my complete feelings of the film but I think you're there already.

A trailer for Berberian Sound Studio has appeared online through First Showing and you can see it right here:

There's not much more for me to tell you, other than I wouldn't recommend going to see this unless you really do like films that make you think more than they deliver.



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