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De Palma's Passion trailer delivers with tense eroticism

Passion.jpgBrian De Palma's latest film Passion has a trailer and it's looking really good. The film stars Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace in a tense and erotic thriller remade from the 2010 French film Love Crime directed and co-written by Alain Corneau with co-writer Nathalie Carter, both of whom are listed as adapting, which starred Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier.

I have to admit I've had my eye on the original for a while, mainly because of director and some of the cast, but through no small part my love of Thomas and her glowing career in France. However the fact that De Palma is directing this remake which he also adapted and has Rapace and McAdams starring does make me wonder which I should see first.

The trailer for Passion is certainly charged with tension both story and erotic tension at that and it leaves plenty to the imagination playing on the relationship between the two leading ladies and hinting at plenty but spoiling nothing. It's a great trailer that makes me think of some of the Brian De Palma films such as Dressed to Kill, Blow Out and Body Double.

Yet I know the French thriller will be just as desirable and offer some great performances as it is filled with just as much talent. Plus we can't deny De Palma hasn't always delivered, and his last film Redacted (Filmstalker review) almost caused me to blow a gasket. Could he come back from that film and deliver a fantastic thriller of old? I think he could, especially since it's a remake of a French thriller that by all accounts delivers such a film already.

Interestingly it's not due for a release anywhere but France, Germany and the Netherlands in February next year although it is lined up for the Venice, Toronto and New York Film Festivals next month where deals will no doubt be made. Odd that it's already getting a release in France though, especially since it's an American remake of a French film.

Here's the trailer which I thoroughly recommend watching. While it might give you some pointers to how the story might turn later on, it doesn't feel like it's revealing anything it shouldn't.

The trailer for Brian De Palma's Passion comes through TrailerAddict:

Of course there are some who are just going to get excited by the fact that Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace are getting sexy together, but really that's not the point. Really. Where's that play button again?



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