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The Dark Tower lead change, project still alive

TheDarkTower.jpgThe film and television adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series is far from dead, in fact it doesn't even seem to be languishing as it continues onwards and is about to deliver another version of the script for the first instalment of the mammoth project, The Dark Tower.

What's more it appears that within two weeks a rather big decision is to be made over at Warner bros., whether they will continue with the project and make the first part of the epic series, The Dark Tower.

The weight of the planned series, that's three films and two televisions series, isn't so much on Warner Bros. as the decision is just to make this first film or not. The decision to continue after that would be made dependent upon box office takings and public opinion, so at that point it's up to the fans of the novels.

To get there though we need this first film and Deadline through /Film tell us that they've heard Warner Bros. are making a decision within two weeks on whether to do that or not, that's probably why Akiva Goldsman is about to deliver a new script to them, to try and persuade them to move forward.

One stumbling block is that Javier Bardem has now moved on from the project so Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Goldsman have had to look for a new Roland Deschain, and apparently they've found one in the guise of Russell Crowe.

Well, it's not quite that easy. Apparently he hasn't signed anything and it's just the studio and the team that are "evaluating" him. I would think they'll start talking to him as soon as they decide whether to make the film or not but for now that means big rumour.

Personally I still think they should go with Stephen Moyer, but then that's just my internal vision of how Deschain looks as I read the books and everyone will have their own vision. Mind you, he would be a little bit cheaper to hire, something that Warner Bros. will be very aware of.

Interesting choice though, he's already playing a major character in the new Superman film Man of Steel so why not see him in another fantasy epic such as this? Cost. That's the only reason I can see why he wouldn't after all there's a lot of talent here that would suggest that this isn't going to be a half hearted attempt at adapting the mammoth Stephen King series to the big and not so small screens.

The next two weeks are going to be pretty crucial for the series though, and yet it may not be. If Warner Bros. doesn't say yes I think other studios will be looking into the project to see if they could take it on, after all there's a huge following for the series of nine novels never mind the additional stories in comics and novels that have complimented the initials series.

Howard, Grazer and Goldsman have also shown their commitment to the project so even if Warner Bros. says no I think they, and the fans, will keep going.



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