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The Dying Eye filming in Edinburgh needs you

TheDyingEye.jpgShiphrah Meditz is one of the small number of female directors in the world and is fighting to keep her productions independent and with the involvement of the potential audience throughout the production. She's about to make a film in Edinburgh, Scotland and is trying to gather together the funds to be able to bring it to life.

It's not just a case of a production looking for funding though, in the case of The Dying Eye she has an imaginative story, a wonderful location and the opportunity for ordinary people to get involved and feel part of the production of a film.

The Dying Eye is Shiphrah Meditz's feature film that she's hoping to start filming in just a few short months in Edinburgh and the blurb for the film sounds really interesting. In her own words, here's how she describes it:

...a schizophrenic teenage computer-programmer who, under the mentorship of his dominant hallucination, Ward, hacks into cell phones to fight crime around Edinburgh. However, when he meets a beautiful, mysterious photographer who challenges his actions, reality begins to separate from illusion and he must fight to control his hallucinations before he destroys those he loves the most.

The production notes describe the tone of the story and how it could be compared to other films:

...as Fight Club meets A Beautiful Mind.

Now with that blurb and the comparison my mind is working overtime about how the film could play out, and there's only a part of that where I'm excited for the superb location opportunities in Edinburgh, really it's all down to that very interesting write-up.

There's a teaser to go with the film, but bear in mind that this is an early teaser much like the teaser for Paul Schrader's The Canyons:

More production videos, teasers, trailers and footage will be following on the YouTube channel exclusively for The Dying Eye.

However to make the film Shiphrah Meditz, the woman behind the project, needs your help and in return you'll get an amazing connection with the production. She needs the budget in order to make the film she wants, some US $20,000. Now that may seem a lot but we're talking costs to cover the following:

Scouting and securing locations; Filming permits; Crew and actors; Props, makeup, and costumes; Insurance; Equipment and maintenance; Meals; Transportation; Post production sound work; Editing and special effects; Score; Film festival press kit

If you invest in the film, and we're not talking huge amounts of money here, you get access to the production through regular updates and direct emails, you can get credits on the film titles themselves; tickets for the premiere screening, exclusive signed merchandise and even a signed copy of the script, the DVD, and involvement in the production itself. You're not just going to hand over money and see it disappear.

You can follow the production for The Dying Eye through the production blog that Shiphrah Meditz is updating regularly, and you can read more about the young film-maker in an interview she did for No Country for Young Women.

However the important part of this is to get over to the production campaign site on IndieGoGo and help the film get made. Go on, help an independent film get made and get something incredibly special in return. The Dying Eye needs your help.



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