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The Waiting Room trailer, American healthcare from the inside

TheWaitingRoomDoc.jpgThis reminds me of the award winning and utterly compelling British television series 24 Hours in A&E, a television series that uses fixed cameras in London's King's College Accident and Emergency department to follow the staff and patients through their working days and nights. It's fascinating, eye opening, hugely touching from the opening credits, and compelling viewing. This is like reality television that entertains but ends up having a more positive effect, in fact I'd say it educates much more than it entertains.

The Waiting Room looks like an American version of this series taken to film as the documentary follows twenty four hours in a public hospital ER department.

Here's the blurb for The Waiting Room:

The Waiting Room takes viewers into Oakland's Highland Hospital, a safety-net hospital fighting for survival while weathering the storm of a persistent economic downturn. Stretched to the breaking point, Highland is the primary care facility for 250,000 patients of nearly every nationality, race, and religion, with 250 patients--most of them uninsured--crowding its emergency room every day. The film offers a raw, intimate, and often uplifting look at how patients, staff and caregivers cope with disease, bureaucracy, frustration, hope and hard choices during one typically hectic day.

Now if you've seen the British television series 24 Hours in A&E then you'll be expecting something from this trailer, especially when it sets up so many scenes and carries a similar style to the television series, however what I found about this trailer is that it didn't deliver a wow moment as the television series did, and that's what I expected.

You can see the components are all there but there's no huge hook to get you into the film from the trailer, just some moments that you think could lead somewhere. There's the talk of the cost, of people unemployed trying to get help, the gunshot wound victim, the person receiving CPR, the elements are there but it never punches me in the face with emotion as the amazing titles for 24 Hours in A&E do.

That doesn't mean it's bad, by no means, and perhaps we're going to see all that in the film itself. Let's hope so.

The documentary comes from Peter Nicks who has produced some television documentaries before as well as directing the documentary short Danny and the Scatman. The Waiting Room appears to be a big leap for him, but a hugely impactful one and a film that could do more good than the average documentary.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers and I'd recommend you watch it. You can also see it below through TrailerAddict:



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