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Tower Block trailer surprises

TowerBlock.jpgWhen I saw the cast list for Tower Block I wasn't really expecting that much from the trailer, after all the majority are television actors and the talent behind it doesn't scream something special but when I saw the trailer I changed my mind.

The film is directed by James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson with Nunn writing the screenplay and Sheridan Smith, Jack O'Connell, Ralph Brown and Russell Tovey star. The story sees a sniper killing people in a tower block one by one.

Here's the blurb for Tower Block which explains that there's much more to the story than just that.

A year after witnessing a murder, residents of Tower Block 31 find themselves being picked off by a sniper, pitting those lucky enough to be alive into a battle for survival.

One tower block. Fifteen tenants. One sniper. Someone is picking off the last remaining occupants of a tower block, using a high powered, silenced rifle. Nobody else has heard the shots, and no help is coming. If the terrified victims can't figure out how to escape, they're all going to be killed, one by one.

Here's the trailer for Tower Block through TrailerAddict and it looks far more cinematic than I'd first thought:

What do you think? It looks rather bold and from the well constructed trailer it seems as though it could be filled with tension on the way. This is perhaps a film to watch out for and come 21st September you can in the UK and Ireland where it gets a release.



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