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Trailer for Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral

Antiviral.jpgSo far we've only seen a little teaser of the film from Brandon Cronenberg called Antiviral, the film about a company that takes illnesses from celebrities and sells them onto their ardent followers so that they can infect themselves and have the same illness as their star. Well as if that idea didn't seem creepy enough or the odd teaser, the trailer blows it out of the water.

The trailer is creepy, uneasy and there's definitely a helping of traditional Cronenberg in there, and more importantly it's very intriguing.

The idea of Antiviral is that Syd works for this strange company cashing in rather strangely on the idea of celebrity and who infects himself with a virus that a prominent celebrity has in order to secure it for the company, however once he has the virus the celebrity dies and he is left to solve the mystery of how she died before he does.

It stars Caleb Landry Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Nicholas Campbell, Joe Pingue, Douglas Smith and Sarah Gordon and is written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, his first feature. He does carry the Cronenberg name and the trailer carries the trademarks of that name but the opening scores on the doors for IMDB are far from appealing.

Quiet Earth has the trailer for Antiviral which surprisingly comes from Yahoo Movies, who would have thought they would have strayed so from the mainstream releases.

It does look good doesn't it, but is the score unfair? Will it be another early Cronenberg "classic"?!



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