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Two full trailers for Skyfall reveal big surprises for Bond

Skyfall.jpgFollowing on from the teaser that was released for the American coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony we get to see two brand new, full length trailers for the new Sam Mendes directed Bond film Skyfall, and they are epic.

There's a clear direction here, after the opening Bond films we are clearing out the old and replacing it with the new in one film. The old was the rebooted Bond and the new is a step closer to the old Bond, although I'm not sure how far a step that's taking it looks like a step to distance itself from anything the Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) was, minus a change of Bond...well, almost.

There are two trailers on the go for Skyfall and both are extremely similar but the second trailer for Skyfall is perhaps the stronger one, maybe that's because it's one that appeals to the Bond fans more whereas the first is a little more leaning to the action fan, i.e. a UK trailer and a US trailer.

Here's the first which comes through TrailerAddict:

Now here's the second which comes through HeyUGuys and Collider:

What it feels like is that the film is giving Bond the opportunity for a big personal change and the chance for the film-makers to shake up MI6 including the head of the organisation and the opportunity to replace her for good with another character. It's a big shake up and a definite move to distance this Bond film from the previous two, going so far as it can to shake things up without losing the very popular Bond of Daniel Craig.

Both trailers show the damage done to MI6, damage that is almost irrecoverable, but it also shows that there's a new MI6 to appear and with that a new Q who doesn't seem that funny at all. Gadgets are there too, although just the one is shown in the trailers but it isn't fantastical nor is it a toy, so it doesn't feel like they are leaping too far towards the old Bond.

There's also the suggestion that Bond himself is going through another change. You can see after the opening surprise of the trailer, something you wouldn't expect to see this early in a film campaign, his target practice is not only off but it's also affected him personally, there's almost a tear in his eye. Bond is shaken.

I like what I see in the trailers and I'm hopeful that they aren't doing a clever Hollywood not so surreptitious restart and that this shake up fits with the characters and the story. Still, even if it is, from the trailer it looks damn good doesn't it?



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