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Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone

ZoeSaldana.jpgI don't know what genre of film really does have the worst production to completion ratio but surely musician biographical films have to come close to the top, usually it's because of trouble obtaining rights to the music or that the estate just don't want to get involved, strange that these things reveal themselves after the production begins.

A film of Nina Simone has been talked about for a long time too and has had many talked about beginnings, now though it could be moving forward as Zoe Saldana has been set to play Simone herself with David Oyelowo set to join her.

Zoe Saldana will play Nina Simone who rose to fame as a singer, songwriter and pianist known for a broad range of styles but mainly for her iconic Jazz songs. She become involved in the civil rights movement throughout the sixties and was rather outspoken on the subject. Some of her most well known songs include Feeling Good, I Put a Spell on You and My Baby Just Cares for Me and she has been cited by so many artists since then as a major influence.

David Oyelowo will play her assistant and manager in her later years, Clifton Henderson, and that's all we know about the casting so far from the story in The Hollywood Reporter.

There's not much else to tell other than Cynthia Mort has written the script and has been named as the director of the film for some time now, however the project has had its ups and downs and last we heard had faltered with lack of funding. Considering that Saldana and Oyelowo are on the film now you would assume the funding issues are resolved.

The film is still entitled Nina and aside from some television including Will & Grace and Roseanne, Mort is known for writing and directing The Brave One, the revenge film that featured a superb performance from Jodie Foster and was directed by Neil Jordan.

It will be interesting to see what the story covers of the life of this iconic singer and songwriter, and if Saldana will attempt to sing some songs or merely lip sync to her tracks.



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