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Back to 1942 trailer tells of China suffering

1942.jpgBack to 1942 or simply 1942, is an internationally cast film from director Feng Xiaogang and writer Zhenyun Liu that stars Adrien Brody, Tim Robbins, Fan Xu, Daoming Chen and more. It tells the story of the war that China faced against Japan as they invaded and the country suffered a catastrophic drought and famine.

The story seems to be told through different perspectives, including a priest and an American journalist as well as some of the Chinese people who are suffering. It promises to be emotionally powerful, filled with strong performances and perhaps educational as well.

Don't let that last part put you off though. I think it will educate audiences purely because many aren't aware of what happened between Japan and China during this period and how the Chinese suffered during the latter stages of World War II.

The trailer for Back to 1942, or 1942 as it is also being called, comes through TrailerAddict and does look like it could be an epic war film that concentrates on the people. It's well worth watching.



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