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Emergo (Apartment 143) trailer, decent first person horror?

Emergo.jpgThere are a couple of moments in the trailer for Apartment 143 where my expectations were easily met, there are a few moments where the you know exactly what's coming because you've seen it time and time again, and yet there are also plenty of moments where you feel that this film could go somewhere and offer something more than the similar films before it.

That could be because Rodrigo Cortés who wrote and directed Buried wrote the screenplay and was a producer on the film that Carles Torrens directs as his first feature.

Now considering what Buried brought us I wonder who different Emergo (Apartment 143) is going to be, and when I say different I obviously mean different from the rather insipid pool of first person footage films out there that continually fall into the holes of poor and unimaginative writing and directing and end up with a string of stock and against type characters.

There are two moments that catch my eye in this trailer that feel just like that, the most obvious being there's the woman slowly moving towards the wall as you hear the film screaming at you "something is about to happen to scare everyone", see if you can see the other.

However I'm willing to overlook those moments because there are some very interesting developments in this film that seem to separate it from other films that could be deemed similar.

The first is that there are lots of fixed cameras around the house and a team with a person dedicated to filming, that always makes the continuously filming no matter what aspect of first person films a lot more believable. Then there's the escalation of the events in the apartment, events which look like they really do escalate beyond what you would expect.

Although Carles Torrens hasn't directed a feature film before I'm intrigued by the Rodrigo Cortés screenplay and what this could offer. To give you an idea of what the script might provide, here's a quick blurb:

A parapsychologist team are asked to investigate Apartment 143. The White family, who have lost their wife/mother in a car crash, have been experiencing strange things since they moved in to the apartment. But, they were also experiencing things at their old place. After the team set up their equipment, they get some compelling evidence on camera.

Here's the trailer for Emergo (Apartment 143) through TrailerAddict, see what you think:



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