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Fast and Furious 6 featurette reflects on franchise

FastandFurious6.jpgA featurette for a film, especially an American television promotional piece, is usually less than dull. It's way too short, snappy, filled too much with the presenter trying to hog the limelight and doesn't tell you anything about the film that you really want to see.

So it was with surprise that I watched this short promo for Fast and Furious 6 which, surprisingly, contains next to nothing about the new film but does manage to point out why the franchise is just so strong.

I like this short promotional piece because it's reflecting on the franchise and while it does point out some of the cheaper and sillier aspects of it, what it manages to do is point out just why it has managed to go for so long, what the strengths are, particularly of the latter films, and some of the feelings of those behind it.

Some of the opening comparisons are a little silly and even with Dwayne Johnson pointing out how his character returns is making sure that we know that it isn't trying to sell itself as anything too serious. Then we start to hear from some of the cast and find out some of the better aspects of the franchise, thanks to the presenter who appears to be on camera more than anyone in the film, the plots which are getting better and stronger, the good-bad guy lines they are always dancing, and the loyalty of the characters.

The short piece from The Today Show is rather more interesting than most and has quite a few stars in it, we even hear from Gina Carano and more importantly Justin Lin who reveals that this just won't be about the cars but that there are going to be aircraft involved too.

Then there's Vin Diesel who points out that they are still amazed to be here because it is a fluke that the franchise has managed to keep going but that they've kept going because they do take it seriously, and because they do and they're building on it every time, Fast and Furious is onto its sixth outing with the imaginatively titled Fast and Furious 6.

You can see the short television promotional teaser here through TrailerAddict but it is short.

It is right though, Fast and Furious Five or Fast Five (Filmstalker review) was the best one to date and really managed to inject something new to the franchise delivering a heist film with cars that really kept the pace and the thriller aspect driving forward.

If they can deliver that for Fast and Furious 6 then there's no reason they wouldn't be looking at a seventh. Cars and planes you say?



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