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Ginger and Rosa trailer looks very good

GingerandRosa.jpgThe last film I saw from Sally Potter, the director of Ginger and Rosa, was Rage (Filmstalker review) and while it was an ambitious and interesting idea the execution didn't capture me. Let's not forget though that she has other films to her name including Orlando, so Ginger and Rosa already raises interest just by having her behind the camera.

Now add in a few strong names to the cast with Annette Bening, Christina Hendricks and Elle Fanning and the interest is growing. So how about a trailer to tip you over the edge?

Before we look at the trailer for Ginger and Rosa, here's a blurb:

As the Cold War meets the sexual revolution in 1960s London, the lifelong friendship of two teenage girls (Elle Fanning, Alice Englert) is shattered by ideological differences and personal betrayals. This new film from director Sally Potter (Orlando) also stars Annette Bening and Christina Hendricks.

The film is due for release in the UK and Ireland on the 19th of October and there are no other releases expected so it looks like the UK will be ahead of the release list, something I wish would happen a lot more often.

Here's the trailer for Ginger and Rosa which comes through TrailerAddict:



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