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Levinson's The Bay trailer arrives

TheBay.jpgThere's been a lot of talk about what The Bay would be about and the last we really delved into it was when we heard that the main crux of the story would be about a new isopod type creature and that it would be found footage. After that it went pretty quiet.

Until now and we get to see the first trailer of what the film is going to offer and it looks pretty good, no forced first person cameras here and it looks like most of the camera shots feel as though they belong in context. It's looking good and it's looking scary.

In a way this is the viral outbreak horror that's closest to being a reality, well from what we've heard and the trailer so far, and from that trailer it also looks like it's the one that will feature the most realistic use of the first person found footage.

I do find that surprising as the last news we heard in September of last year was that the team behind Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review), Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider were joining to help produce, and I have to say that Paranormal Activity turned me off to the series and to the found footage idea as it was the last straw that broke the genre with more convoluted and horribly against type (type being human) moments than I've seen. Interestingly though they aren't credited on IMDB for the film and watching the trailer you wouldn't think that the Paranormal Activity problems had been ported across to The Bay.

I think I described it best in that article when I said think of it as Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) but from more than a single camera viewpoint. After seeing the trailer that still holds true, oh and that there's not one monster but a new species that has emerged.

The Bay tells the story of an ecological event on the coast of the small town of Claridge, Maryland that soon begins to grow into an unimaginable event when, as it looks like from the trailer and what we know already, a new sea based parasite has evolved and is continuing to evolve with devastating effects.

Now apart from the cheap scare at the end of the trailer Barry Levinson's The Bay is looking really rather interesting, although I do wonder what that last moment is saying to us. Hopefully that was just some victim near death and not something more fantastical, because the scare was cheap enough but losing sight of trying to keep the story based in reality would be even worse.

Here's the trailer for the Barry Levinson directed film The Bay which comes through Quiet Earth, see what you think:



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