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New Cloud Atlas trailer looks fantastic

CloudAtlas.jpgIt also tries to explain a little more of what's happening in the film but to be honest it's still uncertain how it is all going to come together. It has a harder job than the previous trailer too since the first trailer was a mammoth six minutes and this one only has the standard few.

However the Cloud Atlas trailer still manages to inspire a great deal of mystery and excitement and instil a mystery around the film while building the desire to find out more about these characters and story. I think this new trailer looks fantastic.

Cloud Atlas is the work of Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Twyker who between them have films such as Bound, the Matrix trilogy, Run Lola Run and The International, and have together worked on bringing the David Mitchell novel to the big screen.

Why is that so massive and why does it require three talents behind the camera and keyboard? Well it's because the story covers multiple centuries, multiple storylines, multiple worlds and multiple characters whose stories all connect and entwine. The film looks at how individuals' actions affect other lives across space and time such as a single act of kindness rippling through time and space to change history centuries later.

Does that explain the mammoth task they face? Well looking at the mammoth trailer they released and this more conventional one below I think it's clear they've created something amazing.

Here's the new trailer for Cloud Atlas which comes through First Showing, have a look and see what you think:

For me one of the most interesting aspects is seeing the actors return again and again in different characters and in different worlds. I'm so hopeful that this turns out to be something amazing.

It's still a long way off though. It begins rolling out in late October to Canada and the US then sweeping across Europe through November and December, finally hitting the UK in late March of next year, currently the last scheduled release. Well with all that wait no one's going to be trying to get illegal downloads of it are they? It's just a six month wait from the US to UK release.



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