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Prometheus deleted scenes offer some explanations

Prometheus.jpgOh yes, I know you've probably seen the uninteresting half of a scene of the engineer talking, woop de doo, it adds nothing to the film and is obviously not one of the many deleted scenes we really need to see in order to give us the missing parts of the film. However there are more and some of them have appeared online.

While the Engineer talking scene adds little to Prometheus, well nothing, there are a couple of other scenes that have been released online that do, scenes that carry exposition, story and character explanations that we needed.

There's still not enough here to fill in the gaps but for some of the problems I felt Prometheus (Filmstalker review) had I think this is a good start at trying to bridge those gaps. I wonder how many more scenes will do the same?

First let's look at that Engineer talking scene that everyone is mentioning:

So really that gives us nothing but there's another extension to the scene that gives us more of the Weyland character and thankfully more of Guy Pearce which comes through IGN:

Another one we're apparently going to see is a bigger sacrifice scene and instead of the one Engineer at the beginning of the film. This could add something to our understanding, maybe.

However we need more, the film Prometheus (Filmstalker review) needs more, and there is a compilation video out there of a number of deleted scenes which shows that we're going to get some of that much needed exposition, however do note that these are being taken down fast and that they don't represent all the scenes included on the DVD and Blu-ray, there's more to come.

These deleted scenes come through TinyPic, ComicBookMovie and The Playlist:

Well you can certainly see there that the deleted scenes aren't all going to be like the Engineer speaks one, pretty uninspiring, adding nothing to the film and rather obvious why they have been deleted. What I'm hoping is that we get more of the scenes we have seen above with the Captain played by the excellent Idris Elba, more explanation, more of the characters developing and revealing their understanding. Some of that might just help.



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