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Red band trailer for About Cherry

AboutCherry.jpgThere's a red band trailer online for the film about a woman entering the world of adult films, or porn if you prefer, that looks about as red as the grass outside my window. I watched it again just to make sure and I am, this is hardly eighteen only material.

Still, what the trailer is good at is putting forward the story in a new way and adding a new level to the film that suggests Cherry's like isn't going that well.

About Cherry tells the story of an average high school student who runs away from home, heads to San Francisco and begins a new life in the adult film industry where she meets a number of good and bad characters.

I have to say that the trailer is again painting a rather bleak image and it isn't all terrible stories of people losing their way and their lives, but perhaps that's the trailer that will sell the film and maybe the film will present some of the positive stories as well as the many bad and terrible ones. I suspect though it's going to see her falling downwards into a spiral of self-hatred and self-destruction surrounded by nefarious characters who are all trying to get a piece of her and user her in some way.

However, as I've said before, it's co-written by Lorelei Lee, an actual adult film star so I'm really hoping that this is going to be a truer representation of what women face in the industry rather than the polarised views we get from both sides of the argument, but at the same time we have to remember it is entertainment too.

Here's the new allegedly red band trailer through First Showing which doesn't really look like it would hit an 18 certificate here:

I'm looking forward to About Cherry and not just because Lorelei Lee co-wrote the film but because of the cast in front of the camera with Ashley Hinshaw as the young woman who enters the adult film industry, Dev Patel as her boyfriend, James Franco as the drug addicted lawyer who she meets through the industry and gets closer to, Heather Graham plays the woman inside the industry who discovers her and Lili Taylor also stars. That's a good list of talent, now I wonder how director and co-writer Stephen Elliot has pulled together all that talent and potential?



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