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Song for Marion trailer is heart-warming and funny

SongforMarion.jpgSong for Marion is, as you will no doubt realise, based on the documentary Young@Heart which featured a choir of more mature men and women singing modern day songs, songs that seemed very out of place for pensioners but worked superbly well and bridged many previous misconceptions and prejudices and delivered a wonderful film.

Well now they've taken that concept and made a fictional film about it all called Song for Marion and featuring some great talent from Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave to Christopher Eccleston and Gemma Arterton.

The story sees a grumpy pensioner who is inspired by his wife Marion to join a rather unconventional choir which is comprised of similarly aged people and performs songs that are attributed to a much younger audience, songs like Let's Talk About Sex and Ace of Spades. Meanwhile he's dealing with his estranged relationship with his son and Marion's illness.

Song for Marion looks like the film could be as enjoyable as the documentary was but also deliver plenty of emotional highs and lows on the way as well as bags of comedy and some great performances from some superb acting talent.

Paul Andrew Williams wrote and directed the film and you might know him as the writer and director of London to Brighton, The Cottage and Cherry Tree Lane.

I really like the look of the film which might seem a little over sentimental to some but there's the potential for some real comedy in there too.

Here's the trailer which comes through HeyUGuys and First Showing:

Still waiting a release date for the UK it seems but it is heading to Argentina and Germany in December and March next year. Obvious choices for a release like this wouldn't you think?



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