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BAFTA Scotland 2012 Nominees

BAFTA.jpgThe nominees for the BAFTA Scotland 2012 awards have arrived and there are some expected names in the film categories as well as a few newcomers, however it does highlight that there aren't enough Scottish names getting mentioned and it's not for the lack of Scottish talent in film and television.

There's Scottish talent throughout film but perhaps not in the areas that interest the BAFTA awards, or certainly not by looking at the list of categories and nominees anyway.

What do you think? Is there a lack of Scottish talent? Is there a lack of noticing the Scottish talent we have and what it's producing, even if it's not what some want to see?

Here are the BAFTA Scotland 2012 nominees through the BAFTA site:

Actor/Actress - Film
Paul Brannigan
The Angels' Share
Sixteen Films & Entertainment One

James Cosmo
Blinder Films & Sigma Films

Siobhan Reilly
The Angels' Share
Sixteen Films & Entertainment One

All That Glisters
Directed and Produced by Claire Lamond
Edinburgh College of Art (eca)

I Am Tom Moody
Directed by Ainslie Henderson
Edinburgh College of Art (eca)

The Making of Longbird
Directed by Will Anderson
Produced by Donald Holwill
Edinburgh College of Art (eca)

Mark Cousins
What is This Film Called Love?
4Way Pictures Scotland

Michael Keillor
Young James Herriot
Shed Media for BBC Scotland

Zam Salim
Up There
Wilder Films, BBC Films & Eyeline Entertainment

Feature Film
The Angels' Share
Directed by Ken Loach
Produced by Rebecca O'Brien
Sixteen Films & Entertainment One

Directed by Ciaran Foy
Produced by Brian Coffey & Katie Holly
Blinder Films & Sigma Films

Up There
Directed by Zam Salim
Produced by Annalise Davis
Wilder Films, BBC Films & Eyeline Entertainment

Single Documentary
Afterlife: The Strange Science Of Decay
Directed and Produced by Fred Hepburn
BBC Scotland for BBC Four

A Life Through The Lens: David Peat
Directed by Louise Lockwood
Produced by Tony Nellany
BBC Scotland

RBS: Inside The Bank That Ran Out Of Money
Directed by Colin Murray
Produced by Colin Murray & Tony Nellany
BBC Scotland

Kevin Bridges
Kevin Bridges: What's The Story?
Open Mike Limited for BBC

Louise Ironside
Lip Service
Kudos Film and Television for BBC Scotland

Paul Laverty
The Angels' Share
Sixteen Films & Entertainment One



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