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Crawlspace trailer looks good but breaks the golden rule

Crawlspace.jpgHere's an interesting trailer for a film called Crawlspace which is an Australian science fiction horror film that has some of the production team that were behind the Australian films Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review) and Red Hill.

Of course just because there are similar producers doesn't mean that the film is going to be as good or better, as I've said producers can have any varying involvement in the film itself and it doesn't have to be creatively. However, the trailer for Crawlspace does suggest some very good things.

It does look atmospheric and tense, there's definitely a lot of atmosphere to be had in Crawlspace, at least that's what the trailer suggests.

It's not all good though, I don't know why we need to see the creature revealed in it and I really would have liked the trailer to have kept that a mystery but it doesn't reveal too much and the other aspects of the trailer are enough to get you excited.

I rather like the look of Crawlspace, but first let's see what the story is all about:

Crawlspace follows a squad of elite soldiers sent to infiltrate and extract the lead science team from Pine Gap, Australia's top secret underground military compound, after it comes under attack from unknown forces.

So now to the trailer for Crawlspace, another horror film from Australia and if Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review) and Red Hill are anything to go by then this could be another corker of a small film filled with tension, suspense and creepiness without too many clichés.

Here's the Crawlspace trailer from TrailerAddict:



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