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Django Unchained, best trailer yet

DjangoUnchained.jpgAnother new trailer for Django Unchained has arrived and, unlikely as it may seem, it's even less Quentin Tarantino than the previous one, in fact there's not a lot of Tarantino in it until the end titles and so I wonder if this is marketing to try and attract a non-fan audience?

I'm concerned though, if the marketing is trying to draw in a non-Tarantino audience and the film turns out to be a Tarantino film filled with his usual style then will those who aren't fans feel a little let down?

Probably not, if the film is good enough and I think it could be. The problem will be if he goes too far into style over substance, something he really managed to control in Inglourious Basterds (Filmstalker review).

Despite all these concerns though the trailer for Django Unchained looks damn good and very strong, and the pairing of Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz looks better and better as does the bad guy played by Leonardo DiCaprio. You have to be in for this, fan or not.

Here's the Django Unchained trailer through TrailerAddict:



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