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Django Unchained trailer is far less Tarantino

DjangoUnchained.jpgDjango Unchained has gained a new trailer and Quentin Tarantino fans will be wetting themselves, and to be honest everyone should be because this is a damn good trailer. Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio all look like they're going to be delivering strong performances, Foxx especially.

The best thing is that the trailer looks damn good and for those of you who might be a little tired of the Tarantino train I have to tell you that this trailer is lacking in the Tarantino content that does get a little similar.

This trailer for Django Unchained is far stronger and more action packed than the previous, I really like it and I'd say this is definitely the trailer for those non-Tarantino fans.

I like it and I especially like the way Jamie Foxx is looking in it. Watch out for Jonah Hill's appearance which I felt was a little too comical for the rest of the trailer, perhaps it belonged in the previous style of trailer, the Quentin Tarantino one.

Here's the new Django Unchained trailer through Apple Trailers and TrailerAddict:



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