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Evil Dead remake trailer leaked online

EvilDead.jpgWell I don't know how long this trailer will be left online, although as usual I think it's a great piece of marketing to leak a poorly filmed version of a trailer and then release the full thing although I might have made sure this was a little rougher around the edges. Still, that's good news for us.

A screening from NYCC produced the handheld captured trailer footage and it's been let loose online but I suspect it won't last the day, oh and another thing to tell you about before you watch it, it is pretty high quality and there is lots of blood and violent moments so you are warned.

Evil Dead is the remake of The Evil Dead, made with the permission and involvement of the original team as Sam Raimi worked on the screenplay and produced along with Bruce Campbell and Robert G. Tapert. Diablo Cody, Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues Mendez also worked on the screenplay for this version.

There's not too much known about it other than a group of young people head out to the cottage in the middle of nowhere to help a friend sober up however one of them discovers the Book of the Dead, reads it aloud, and then everything starts happening.

I'll talk about the trailer afterwards, but first here it is found through JoBlo. Oh and remember this trailer for Evil Dead is full on and filled with blood, violence and gory moments:

Right, so what did you think? There are a number of common scenes from the original The Evil Dead, and even other films in the series including the infamous tree scene, hand severing and more, however there is one very clear difference here, this isn't so funny.

This trailer for Evil Dead makes the clear statement that this is blood and gore all the way. My only concern is its going straight into the shock horror basket and it's going to have little else, but looking at all those names involved I just cannot believe it, surely this is just the tone set for the first trailer?



Not that clear a difference. I watched the original Evil Dead last night and that first one ain't exactly funny. Sure the follow up films got progressively more humorous, but the original is pretty straight horror.

Looking forward to the new version, glad it's back to it's spatter horror roots, much as I enjoyed Army of Darkness, it was bloody silly.

I love it, it looks great but I also hope there's more to it than the shock moments and that there is some of that twisted goofiness that was present even in the original. I know most of it was due to low budget but it's still part of the movie...

Most of all, I hope they have more to show than a possessed tree and a possessed girl...


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