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Gangster Squad new trailer looks superb

TheGangsterSquad.jpgSean Penn looks glorious in this new trailer for Gangster Squad, the trailer that has that scene in the cinema now removed and indeed should have it removed from the main film itself. I wonder how that will affect the complete piece when we finally see it released?

No matter though because the new trailer looks very powerful and pitches more to Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone than the rest of the fantastic cast, but then there is one other actor featured as much in the trailer, the awesome Sean Penn.

I say awesome because that's exactly what his performance looks like in this trailer, he looks like he might be delivering a stunning performance as the man that the cops are trying to bring down by, and excuse the use of a cliché comment, any means necessary.

Let's not forget either that this is based on true events where the L.A . police created a group of men who would bring down the rising Mafia gangs with force that would extend outside of the law and the courts, a powerful story indeed.

The new trailer for Gangster Squad doesn't let anything slip from the first one we saw and anyone watching it won't be concerned about the loss of a big scene, for the full effect we'll have to wait until the film itself but I think judging from this trailer they've come back very strong.

Here's the new trailer for Gangster Squad through Apple Trailers and TrailerAddict showcasing the talent involved and really hammering home how strong Sean Penn could be:



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